About the DadEsthesiologist

My two greatest passions in life are my work and my family. The first is defined by precision, organization, focus, and constant vigilance. The second, is defined by zero of those things.

A beautiful disaster.

That's what life is.  A collection of trials, tribulations, mistakes, and missteps.  It sure isn't easy.  But it certainly is wonderful.

As an anesthesiologist, I'm an expert in crisis management.  I'm always prepared for the worst case scenario, ready to execute Plan A, B, or C (and sometimes even D, E, F, and beyond). I utilize those plans to mitigate damage, and optimize outcome.  Still, sometimes the best laid plans require a bit of creativity and improvisation.  And post crisis, I am constantly re-evaluating how things went, and how they can be done better.

For better or worse,  I view many of the components of my life through the paradigm of crisis management:  Minimize and mitigate damage, and optimize outcome. Plan ahead. Execute plan. Modify plan if necessary. Evaluate success of the plan.  This paradigm encompasses everything from financial planning to figuring out what's for dinner.  Don't think dinner choice is a crisis?  Tell that to my 3 year old.  Or my wife...

To many of life's big and little catastrophes, I rarely have these answers, but it's fun to learn and figure it out as I go!

So read along, and learn about how I manage and still fully enjoy my life. One crisis at a time.

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